Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015. Live it. Love it.

Hello sunshines!! It's been such a LOONGGG time since I've blogged (I know, I know, I've probably said this a million times). First post of the new year and all I can say is that I'm feeling both heavy-hearted and excited for the upcoming year. Heavy-hearted because it's my last few months as a uni undergrad and c'mon who dislikes having the life of a student, the only period whereby time seems endless. However, I am curious to see what working life has to offer; to be independent, responsible and contribute back to society. It will be a whole new ball game :O

On a side note, quite a number of people have asked me how I've lost so much weight within 6 months and I would like to share with you how I did it. For those of you who didn't know, I actually put on 7kgs when I went for exchange (HOLY SHEESH!?!? IKR. Guilty of being well fed on exchange). For those who have not seen that side of me before, below are some comparison photos which I'm not proud of at all but at least they are in the past now right? hahah let's hope it'll remain this way from now on.

Seriously my face was omggwaddafuggg. PS. I did not exercise at all throughout exchange so that's one reason why I didn't lose the weight gained from all the scrumptous food I ate there. So when I was back in Singapore, the first thing I told myself was to lose the 7kgs I had gained. 

Tip 1 : Eat Right

I can't emphasize how imperative this tip is. My usual staples in school is sliced fish bee hoon and fruit juice. Avoid oily food and fried food. There have been numerous occasions where I have wanted to eat Mcspicy meal, fried chicken wings and char kway teow etc but nooooo, "need to get my hot bod first" that's what I always tell myself. hahah though I don't think I'm close to getting a hot bod still. 

One thing I've always disliked eating since young is vegetables and I've gotten so used to ordering my meals without veg that the fish soup and ban mian aunties still serves my lunch without veg. So what I do is, I only eat the veg that I find acceptable like broccoli, kang gong, french beans and tomatoes, and have them cooked in the style I prefer. However, if you are an anti-veg consumer you could always blend them with fruits and consume them in the form of a juice, that will probably taste better.

Tip 2: Exercise regularly

Thankfully in NTU there is a tennis module I could take as a part of my curriculum (how awesome right!!). Thus this forces me to exercise at least once a week cause I need to go for class and I've always wanted to pick up tennis as a leisure sport; so yay managed to kill two birds with one stone ^^ Aside from tennis classes, I started going for yoga classes as well.

And TADDAHHH. The end result can be seen in the photo above with my gorgeous sister after a yoga class. This photo was actually taken after 3 classes of yoga, not that bad right? I'm currently 8kgs lighter than I was on exchange. Woohoo!! I did it!

Though I was a little skeptical about yoga at first as I had this mentality of refusing to fork out money to lose weight simply because I could always go for a run or do static exercises at home without spending a single cent. However after going for a couple of sessions, I realized that yoga actually makes me sweat and my muscles were aching after each session. On top of that, my body was becoming more toned and I was satisfied with the results. As a beginner, I still require a teacher to guide me while I perform different poses. Besides, there are many cheap yoga outlets where you could go for trial sessions to see if it's the right activity for you. The trial session I went for was under True Fitness, it was $25 for 4 sessions that I have purchased on groupon (cheap right?)

All in all, these two tips are probably nothing new and you have known this inside out your whole life but it is true that they are the two major components you need to follow to lose weight. There's a saying that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise and I do strongly believe in that. I may neglect my exercising regime at times but I don't neglect my diet. Moreover, with a combination of these two in my life, I am able to eat all the fried and oily food that I crave sometimes without having to feel guilty or putting on weight easily, so why not?

I hope this post helps you if you are planning on losing some weight cause the aforementioned tips  worked wonders for me and in case you weren't looking to lose weight I hope I did not bore you with the deets. haha. Till then everyone. Have an incredible weekend ahead :)

With love

Wednesday, 27 August 2014



Romper: Abercrombie
Shoes: ALDO

Photo taken by my lovely cousin Mel

Long overdue post that I have been meaning to write but never gotten around to post, so here it is! The perfect casual outfit for Singapore's temperamental weather and freezing air conditioned malls. Probably the most gorgeous combination of frills and embroidery all in one outfit where I can find myself throwing it on when I am having the "I-want-to-go-casual-today" mindset. Simply pairing it with a denim jacket and a maroon bag to give it a pop of color; and there I am set to go off to school or the movies with my friends!

Much love,

Friday, 25 July 2014

End of internship. AT LAST!

Omgawd. Hi peeps! This internship has probably taken up most of my summer break and it's finally officially OVERRR!! ^^ No more waking up at 5 plus in the morning and trying to catch the shuttle bus to tuas at 7am. Woohoo. And I can't believe that I'm going on to my final year in NTU already :O Truly unbelievable how time flies. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was a freshman, signing up for orientation camps and moving into hall 9 :( On the side note, S group won for in this year's UOC 2014 camp! yayyy! Feels good to be champs again. Anyhow, school's gonna be different without half of ZAG and I hope this last year will be an awesome one!

Okay, so here's a quick update to what has been going on in my life. It's been an eventful month whereby Candice & I finally made the effort to pick up yoga at yoga movement. This class was actually introduced to us by Jiehui and Kelvin who bought a package with them previously and said it was really good so we decided to give it a try. To be honest I have always believed that I shouldn't be paying to try and keep fit; and that I can always run or swim and stay healthy without paying a single cent, and all it takes is my will power to consistently train. Thus, I was on the fence about buying a package when I went for this trial class.

The place was hard to find initially or maybe I'm just bad at following my google map but I took a snap shot for Candice of this steps so it'll be easier for her to find. Oh and the outlet is at dhoby ghuat so I guess it's pretty convenient for everyone.

I would say the place is simple yet elegant and they even sell apparels if you wish to purchase one or if you forgot to bring your outfit. Anyway, surprisingly I saw Ginn there when I was exploring the place haha she was covered in sweat and her body looks simple amazing. It's funny cause I was going to be meeting her the following day for h.tag's photoshoot. (More about that photoshoot next time).

Ginn and I. Pardon my sleepy and bare face here.
So it's time for class! I borrowed Candice's clothing's as I didn't own any tights. haha we looked like noobies in this outfit as compared to the other girls there but its ok. And guys, it's perfectly fine to do yoga, I saw 3 other guys in the class as well, so you're welcome to join! Don't have any pictures of the class as I didn't bring my phone along. Oh anyway, towels and water can be bought at $1, so you don't have to bring if you don't like to carry bulky bags like me.

I actually found the class to be useful and my body was aching the next day. There were some poses that were pretty challenging and it helps that there's a teacher there to guide you. So I'm probably going to sign up for it and I'll keep you guys updated about my progress and see if it's worth paying $190 for 10 classes. Till then everyone.

With Love,

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


HI EVERYONE!! After taking a hiatus from my blog for almost 2 months, I'm finally back to blogging. It's been a long time since I've posted an entry as I've been busy with exams and immediately after my examinations, came my current internship at REC Solar for the next 10 weeks. Everyone has been super duper friendly to me and it's funny how they keep feeding me with different snacks everyday. Gonna get fat within my short stay with them :O

Oh and I didn't get to go to Maldives in the end :( Mel couldn't take leave and I decided that I should stay and spend some time with my love ones before my internship started; which I did! Spent my one week break wisely and met up with all of my favorite people ^^

Anyhow, I need to bathe and head to bed soon #lifeofaworkingadult and it doesn't help that the company that I'm interning at is all the way in Tuas. phew. So I'm gonna end of here for today and with a tired selfie that I took this morning. Till then. Have a great week ahead everyone! :)


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Duke blue


Top: Floral pastel top from Bangkok
Bottom: Duke blue high slit skirt from MDS
Shoes: Black high sandals from Topshop
Bag: White clutch from Warehouse

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted as I've been trying to catch up with my enormous amount of recorded lectures :/ Finally found some time to blog and this post is on one of my fav outfits of this month. My lovely cousin, Mel has agreed to my crazy idea to help me take pictures of my favorite outfits and tadahhh this was the result of our teamwork. Mel is really a wonderful photographer and she takes beautiful photos effortlessly. haha we didn't spend much time on each outfit. Oh and if you're interested, Mel has a blog too! Love her posts on the things she does on dates with her bf. Pretty cool stuff. Anyhow, I gotta get back to studying :( Can't wait for this semester to be over and my impending trip to Maldives after exams ^^ So study hard everyone and I'll see you on the other side!


Thursday, 27 March 2014


One of my favorite outfit for school this month ^^ 

Top: Floral bralet from Forever 21
Bottom: Scarlet skort from Bangkok
Bag: Black clutch from Bata

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Just cause one day isn't enough

Hi there! So here is a continuation of my birthday celebrations with my lovely hall friends ( a rather short and sweet one cause I gotta head out soon ). Anyhow, I had to wake up early to go to the airport to do some filming for a school project and since I was all the way at the east, I met the pretty Iimel at Pasir ris after I was done. We didn't really know what to do so we decided to head to millennia walk as I wanted to eat Rakuzen for dinner later. So first stop for today was Patisserie G. I have tried it before and it never fails to amaze me. I do love their pastries! The first time I was there, I tried their famous G spot which is made up of dark chocolate mousse with chocolate meringue and has a layer of chocolate hazelnut praline crunch below. Fans of chocolate will definitely love this, super thick and chocolaty.

After being tempted by the different pretty desserts, we've decided to go for the saint honore. It is a cream puff lightly glazed with caramel. I found it a little difficult/unglam to eat but it was really yummy as well.

After htht-ing for a couple of hours, everyone started arriving at millennia walk but PARCO was closed for renovations = rakuzen isn't open :( Damn. Why didn't I google about the place before heading there. So we had to come up with other alternatives and I was craving for ramen that night so the nearest ramen restaurant we found was at City Hall called Menya Musashi.

I ordered the red cha shu ramen as I'm a huge fan of spicy broth but to my disappointment, it wasn't spicy at all :/ The cha shu was tough and bland as well. The only redeeming point was the noodles. I don't think I'll be going back there anytime soon.

Hehe after our meal, my friends surprised me with two cheesecakes from Lady M. Naww thanks guys :)

Made a wish and blew out the candle. Gosh, I'm 22 already :O Don't want to grow up so quickly, feels like I still have so many things on my bucket list. Anyhow, I love hanging out with ZAG. It's funny how we communicate by 'making fun' or 'insulting' each other and the same jokes still crack me up all the time. Love them loads! <3

After dinner, it was time to partyyyy. Iimel, Derek, Ivan, Wen Bin and I headed to zouk. I had fun initially while we were drinking and catching up with each other lives but it was insanely crowded when we went into the dance floor  :( Became a little unbearable and we headed back at 2am. Though it wasn't the best clubbing experience but I'm still happy cause it was my birthday :)

At the end of the day, I very much did enjoy myself plus my bangkok trip was just two days later. And guess, what it was my first time to bkk!! lol. Nobody believed me when I told them it was my first time. Haha. I guess I just couldn't find the time to go to bkk before though I've always wanted to go there to shop and eat delicious Thai food. I've heard so much about it from all of my friends and I was pretty excited about going there. Alrighty, I gtg. Will blog about my bkk trip soon. Till the next time everyone :)