Tuesday, 3 June 2014


HI EVERYONE!! After taking a hiatus from my blog for almost 2 months, I'm finally back to blogging. It's been a long time since I've posted an entry as I've been busy with exams and immediately after my examinations, came my current internship at REC Solar for the next 10 weeks. Everyone has been super duper friendly to me and it's funny how they keep feeding me with different snacks everyday. Gonna get fat within my short stay with them :O

Oh and I didn't get to go to Maldives in the end :( Mel couldn't take leave and I decided that I should stay and spend some time with my love ones before my internship started; which I did! Spent my one week break wisely and met up with all of my favorite people ^^

Anyhow, I need to bathe and head to bed soon #lifeofaworkingadult and it doesn't help that the company that I'm interning at is all the way in Tuas. phew. So I'm gonna end of here for today and with a tired selfie that I took this morning. Till then. Have a great week ahead everyone! :)


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