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Hello again! I know I haven't been posting frequently and the reason why is because I was in Spain and Portugal for the past 2 weeks! Awesome getaway place from Glasgow as it has been pretty cold here and I don't really do well with the cold :/

Anyway another travel post on one of the prettiest places in the world, Santorini! A beautiful island  situated southeast from Greece's mainland.

Day 1
Hl and I arrived at Santorini one day earlier than Clari, Wins and Alvin so we decided to just chill in our beautiful villa as we were pretty tired from our morning flight from Paris to Greece. All I can say is that I'm really enjoying the laid-back life here in Europe. We sunbathed the whole afternoon with the occasional dipped in the cool pool water. C'est la vie :) 

All ready to soak in the sun
After showering, it was time to explore the neighborhood! We walked around for about 20min and our tummies started growling, so we found a cosy restaurant to dine in. I was pretty excited to try Greek food as I've never eaten them before. I googled what are their must try food and a local delicacy called mousaka kept popping up. So we decided to get a mixed platter of various grilled fish and calamari, greek salad, wine and mousaka.

Our refreshed faces after a long nap

The yummy restaurant we dined at

Freshly baked bread with olive oil

White wine

Greek salad

me and hl


Grilled fish and calamari

The tomatoes in the greek salad were so sweet and delicious and I'm not a big fan of vegetables so it was really that good. Next dish was the mousaka which is mainly made up of potato, eggplant and minced meat with bechamel sauce. I thought it was alright, it just tasted like mashed potato with meat. But I love the grilled fish platter or maybe I'm just a sucker for seafood. Anyway hl and I were expecting the calamari to be deep fried but it came as a whole grilled squid. How strange. Nonetheless it was heavenly. After the meal, we were given a plate of cut watermelon which was super duper sweet. nomnomnom. What a delectable dinner.

After finishing the jug of white wine, we were a little high and we laughed and sang while walking back to our villa under the moonlight. We tried watching Grown Ups 2 but fell asleep almost immediately.

Day 2
The arrival of our 3 friends from Amsterdam, Hl and I were thrilled to see them! Always elated to travel with friends overseas. We started our morning with a tour and the first stop was to climb the volcano.

Wins, Clari, Hl

Me, Clari, Hl and Alvin

The two retards

Hall Queen ^^

Jump Shot
After climbing the volcano, it was lunch time! Another round of scrumptious Greek food!

So pretty <3

Lunch with a magnificent view of the sea

The 5 of us :)
Guess what we did after lunch? We went for pony riding! How awesome! It was only 5euros per person. But we were being retards caused we had to rush down the slope as soon as we got off the ponies as we were late for our next stop and the whole tour group was waiting for us on the boat.

Mr. all rounder

View from the hill

Us running down to catch our boat ride
Next, we went to the hot springs which wasn't a pleasant experience. I drank so much sea water mixed with some rusted like particles. It was disgusting. Ugh. Don't have any pictures of the hot springs as well since my cammie isn't waterproof. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there and the water wasn't hot also. 

The last stop of the tour was my most favourite place of Santorini, which was the sunset at Oia. Though it was tortuous to climb the steps up to the highest point, but I would say it's all worth it :) Enough said, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

What a splendid view from above

The much rave sunset

Look at the amount of people who came to watch the sunset. Insane

Day 3
The itinerary for today is to explore their city centre and go snorkeling. We headed to a restaurant called salt & pepper which was highly recommended by trip advisor and it sure didn't disappoint. The owners were super friendly and they gave us free desserts after our meal. I think it is refreshing and wonderful that several of the restaurants I visited in the UK and Europe usually give free mints, chocolates or cut fruits after the meal. haha another cheap thrill.

Super happy to find our first green tea bottle after 2 weeks of traveling

The peaches in Greece were unbelievably sweet!!

Another appetizing meal at salt & pepper

Bread and olive oil

A wall for tourists to leave a message for the owners. Super cute!

I can't remember what it was called but it tasted like mash potatoes

Mixed grilled meat with fries

Fish with rice and fries

Free ice cream for us! Yayee!

Us with our hospitable restaurant owner

Time to head to the sea for our snorkeling expedition! I was quite disappointed with the snorkeling trip as there weren't much to see :( Even Krabi was so much better and the price we paid for it was a little steep. However, we still had fun talking to our instructor who taught us how to speak several Greek phrases like "you're beautiful", "I love you very much"and "what's your number" hahaha

Brought so much snacks with us that the other tourists thought we're having a picnic 

Our instructor! He has such pretty brown eyes that makes him look like a werewolf .
All in all, Santorini was a beautiful island and I would love to go back there with the man I love. Rent an apartment on Oia just to see the view of the sea and sunset again. It will be a pleasant getaway trip from the city life and I do recommend y'all to visit this place too! Anyway I've got an assignment due tomorrow and I haven't started on it yet T.T Back to the books before I have to start preparing for Halloween! Can't wait to wear my new outfit tonight! Weee! Till then.


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