Friday, 22 November 2013


Hi there! I know I haven't been posting frequently again :( I have been super busy with school assignments and of course more road trips around beautiful Scotland. I can't wait for December to come whereby I'll be doing a road trip around UK with my lovely friends. Plus, I'll be spending this Christmas over in Iceland! YAY! My first Christmas away from home and family. It's going to be different without them but I'm excited nonetheless. Anyway so here is another travelogue about one of the countries I have visited during my Eurotrip this fall.

Greece baby. It has been on my list of to-go places since forever and finally I've gotten a chance to go there! How awesome! After visiting the beautiful Santorini, I was thrilled to head to Athens next. Athens, the capital and the biggest city of Greece; it is also a home for the arts, learning and philosophy. It was a pity that we could only stay there for one day so we had to rush through the different main attractions the city had to offer.

First up, we headed to the national archaeological museum which had many exhibitions showcasing the ancient Greek art.

National Archeological Museum

The 5 of us

Just me taking a short break

poser. haha

To be honest, I thought this museum wasn't as fantastic as the acropolis museum, so if you're in Athens and you only have the time to visit one museum; I would recommend the acropolis museum. Unfortunately, photography wasn't allowed in the acropolis museum so there aren't many pictures that I can show you about how the museum was like :( but overall I truly enjoyed myself at this museum. It wasn't mundane and I am not the greatest fan of museum so I guess it was pretty good and intellectual. It was interesting to learn about the Greek gods and goddess; and how Athens became what it is today.

Behind is the Acropolis where the Parthenon resides

Tea break after spending hours in the museum


The whole of Athens

After visiting the museums, it's finally time to fill our tummies! Gyros or kebabs as what we usually call them, are really really delectable in Greece. And not forgetting that it's also cheap. One gyros consisting of meat, tomatoes, onions and fries cost about 1 or 2 euros each which is less than $4 Sing dollars; and they are really filling. I can't possibly finish one on my own even if I'm starving. haha. Gyros is probably going onto my list of favourite food in Europe.

After our meal we decided to head to a bar for some drinks, so we went to their 'Clarke Quay'. There were so many bars to choose from and the music playing in each bar was pretty good. We had a hard time deciding which bar we wanted but finally we settled and it was time to party! First time partying in Europe yay, check. I can't remember the name of the bar but the manager was hospitable. He gave us popcorns, nuts and even free desserts; and he made sure we were well attended to. A pretty fun place to hang out. After playing many different drinking games (which Wins kept losing at every single one), it was time to say goodbye to Greece as we had a flight to Rome in the morning :( 

A little retarded after a few drinks
Overall, I had so much fun in Greece and I would love to go back to Santorini when I grow up. I'll be blogging about Rome next week and I can't express how much I love Italy! It was truly love at first sight. Oh how I wish I could be there right now again. So stay tune. Till then everyone!


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