Saturday, 3 August 2013

A week more to UK!

It's been awhile since I last blogged, probably since secondary school? and that's like 8 years ago. gosh. Anyway the reason why I wanted to start blogging again because I'm going to UK in a weeks time!! Whoop whoop!! I have a really bad memory so I wanted a place to capture all the pretty pictures and events that will happen throughout the 6 months there. So tahdaa! 

I have been pretty excited since I've gotten accepted into Strathclyde University in Glasgow and I have been spending sooo much just to prepare for my exchange. My two biggest splurge this month would be on skincare and hair products. Since it's going to be super cold there, I need to prepare my body for the cold and one thing my body can't really bear is the cold. I get cold pretty easily and it also doesn't help that I have dry skin. So I began my search on hydrating skincare products and lucky for me I have finally found a suitable range of products for my skin type. But I do believe that we need to change up our skincare products every now and then to attend to what our skin needs at that time. And what may work for me may not work for you so do get samples first!

My new skincare product brand is Sulwhasoo. It is a korean brand that has been established since 1966. Most of their products utilise natural ingredients such as ginseng, pine tree, camellia etc. I've heard a lot about it thus I went to the outlet store at TANGS to get a few samples first and my, it works wonders on my skin. My skin became more radiant and it wasn't as dry as it used to be. My pimple scars were also slowly fading away. I'm truly loving it.
            Though unconventional but step 2 : First care activating serum ($106)
This serum leaves prepares my skin to receive treatment and boosts the efficacy of skin care throughout the regimen.

Step 3: Essential balancing water (toner)
Step 4: Essential balancing emulsion ($150 for both the toner and emulsion)This moisturizer spreads easily over the skin and it hydrates my dry skin.

Step 5: Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

I'm only using the sample size for this product. It also works as a moisturizer. Been using it for a few days and the texture of it is good as well. I use it only at night or when my skin needs extra hydration.

 Step 6: essential rejuvenating eye cream
I'm also using a sample of this right now as I've read articles saying we should start using eye cream while we are young to prevent wrinkles and reduce anti-aging so I'm testing this right now. I saw the puffiness around my eyes got reduced and it makes my concealer go on perfectly. So I'm pretty happy with it though my dark eye circles still remains.

Step 5*: clarifying mask ($60)
This mask is a honey-textured peel off mask that I use twice a week. It is used after the essential balancing emulsion hence being step 5*. After applying it evenly on my face, I let it set for 30min before slowly peeling it off. Oh and avoid your eyebrows! I accidentally pulled out some of my eyebrows while peeling the mask off :( but overall, this mask gives me a brighter and clearer complexion. Don't forget to repeat steps 2-6 after removing the mask as well. 

All in all I really like Sulwhasoo product line as it doesn't leave my face as dry as my previous skincare products do. So if you're interested in trying it out, there are only 2 outlets in Singapore as shown below.

Sulwhasoo outlets in Singapore
TANGS Orchard310 Orchard Road6736 0339
TANGS VivoCity1 Harbourfront Walk6376 9122

So I just wanted to share with you my awesome skincare finds and do tell me if you have tried or are using products that have worked for your skin. Would really love to try other brands as well. I hope this post isn't boring you. Will post about my new hair products soon! Till then.


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