Friday, 16 August 2013

Food Finds!

Hello! Oops I've been super busy preparing to go to UK that I haven't gotten time to post. Anw it is my forth day in London now and I'm in love with this place! The infrastructures here are so beautiful and the people are super friendly! Will post about my trip in London soon but first my food finds within the last few days in Singapore. Sorry if this post is too long, I've been filling my tummy with delicious food lately ^^

Shunjuu Izakaya

Shunjuu Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant at Robertson Quay serving a wide array of Sumiyaki (charcoal-grill). It's a little expensive but it's super good so I guess a splurge on yummy jap food once in a while is worth it. I'm not really a big fan of meat so I guess it takes quite a bit to impress me. Since they were known for their skewered grilled meat, we ordered the rib eye and bacon with enoki.

Rib eye
Bacon with enoki
The rib eye was super yummy, the beef was so tender! We also ordered pork cheeks, salmon sashimi and garlic rice (basically everything with a thumbs up on the menu).

Pork cheek with mustard on the side
salmon sashimi
Butter fish
The waitress serving us recommended us to try the butter fish which cost $48! It was the dish of the day so we decided to go for it as well. The fish was probably the yummiest fish I have ever eaten. Super fresh and soft! Out of all the dishes, I would give the butter fish a two thumbs up! It also came with radish and some kind of japanese sauce on the side. It was really tasty. Anw if you ever wanna try really good japanese food and you don't mind slurging a little, you can try Shunjuu at Robertson Quay.


Met up with the little ones for dinner again at millennia walk before Clara and I leave for UK. Clara suggested Saboten as we were craving for jap food AGAIN. haha. I'm a huge fan of jap food!! Gonna miss it once I leave Singapore :( Anyhow the food at Saboten was not bad. They had a promotion for their special cheese edition tokatsu so we decided to try it. Ooh and btw the cabbage, rice and miso soup are unlimited!! I ate two portions of each! hah what a pig. 

Little ones :)

cheese and pork tenderloin


Cheese, asparagus and crab meat tokatsu

matcha green tea ice cream

The set menu of about $22 also included the matcha ice cream but I found it too milky to my liking. Overall I would still go back to Saboten for their tokatsu!! Super yumz!

The line

Clara invited all of us to go to the line at Shangri la hotel to celebrate her pre 21st birthday lunch on National day and I was super excited to go 1. cause its her birthday (5years of friendship <3) and 2. I haven't been to the line before and I have heard so much about it.

the three of us :)

Started with the cold dishes

The cold dishes were not bad since I'm a fan of smoked salmon, penne pasta and salad prawns. Next stop was the Japanese section. Ate the salon sashimi and the different types of nigiri sushi. I guess the food was alright. I've tasted better salmon sashimi but since it is a buffet, I would say it is not bad. 

Salmon sashimi (My fav)

Prawns, oysters, clams and crab
Time for some seafood! The oysters were super fresh and good! The chef also recommended me to try it with their home made japanese sauce and I thought it went well with the oyster and lemon. This was probably the station I went back most. haha. The prawns, clams and crab were average. I tried the other cooked food as well like prata, grilled salmon etc. but I usually just go for the seafood. They had other varieties as well just that I didn't want to waste my tummy space for the local cuisine.

Last but not least, dessert!! They had a wide range of cakes, mousse and puddings to choose from. There was a chef to help us make dessert crepes as well. Eunice and I decided to go for the cherry frozen yoghurt and the green matcha ice cream with granola toppings. It was pretty average? Tried the oreo cheesecake, carrot cake and apple tart as well but it was a little disappointing. We ended up eating the cut fruits and longans which tasted better. The watermelon was super sweet!

Time for Clara to make a wish! Aww can't believe she's 21 already! We're really growing up too fast! So thankful that they were in my class, couldn't have wished for better classmates in CJ. Happy early 21st clara! I hope you have fun in Edinburg!

pretty clara

the three of us

me and eunice

roomies :)


Met up with the hall 6 peeps and Ivan and my dear sister today for lunch at Ippudo (Mandarin Gallery). I've been a fan of Ippudo for as long as I can remember and I do think they have the yummiest broth and ramen.

My lovely and pretty sis <3 (so cute how we did this pose coincidentally)

Ivan and Mcboy

Weehow, me, abbey

Sadly not everyone could make it as Lu was sick, Iggy was overseas and Joel porji. But anyhow I had fun with those who came ^^ My usual pick is the akamaru chashu. The soup is heavenly and the chashu is so tender and yummy! Abbey ordered the original one, wh ordered the spicy base and the other two ordered the black pepper one. Each of us loved our own one better so I guess everyone has their own preferences. I found the original one too plain for me and the black pepper base way too peppery and spicy for me. I would opt for the akamaru or the spicy base. But all in all I love their ramen!
My fav akamaru chashu


Spicy pork bun
Side dishes that can't be missed would be the gyoza but abbey thinks it's average only. The highly recommended pork bun was average to me. Nothing wow about it. We ordered the spicy chicken bun as well which was also pretty average.

Some pictures to end off this post. I'm starting to miss everyone while I'm here. I hope everyone is enjoying sem 1 of school. I will try to post as much as I can. I've been taking so many photos and videos in London and I'm so excited to share it with y'all. So till then.

haha their fun shot pose


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