Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello London!

Hi all! I'm in Italy, Venice now with huiling, clari, alvin and winston! Finally hl and I can let our guard down with them around. Traveling around London and Paris just us 2 was pretty intimidating. Anw London was really awesome! haha it's probably going to be one of my favourite places to travel to. We stayed in a hostel that was a 5min walk to Camden Town metro station so it was pretty convenient for us to travel around.

Day 1
We went to shop at the famous Oxford Street. It is pretty much like our Orchard Road but the shops were way bigger. The Top Shop there is 4 stories high! haha a shopping paradise for a shopaholic like me. They practically had everything there clothes, hair salon, eye brow threading services, stationaries and even cupcakes! I was literally hopping from one section to the other, taking different pairs of shoes and clothes to try on. But sadly the cost of the clothes here are the same as Singapore, was kinda expecting it to be a little cheaper here :( Anyhow, I bought a pair of pretty boots for 80pounds. hehe can't wait to wear them out.

Besides Top Shop, I saw many other brands that are often seen in Singapore as well like H&M, new look, miss selfridge, uniqlo, zara... But the brand that I was looking forward to visit most was Primark.
I have heard so much from my friends who went to UK that this was the shop that every girl would go crazy over and I gotta admit Primark is pretty amazing. Everything was really cheap! A pair of decent flats cost 5pounds and thats like $10 in Singapore. The clothes and bags were really cheap as well. It cost $20 only? However I didn't purchase anything cause my haversack was already super heavy as I'll be traveling around Europe for 6 weeks. But I'll definitely visit that shop often when school starts.

After Oxford Street we went to visit London's iconic places such as Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square. I'll just let the pictures do the talking ^^

Big Ben
London Eye

Westminster Abbey

Trafalgar Square

I really do love the infrastructures in London! Anw we headed over to Burgers and Lobsters for dinner and guess who's here with me in London too! Clara!! <3 Super happy that she'll be in UK with me for the next 5 months. Ordered the Lobster with butter ($40), I thought it was average only considering the price I paid for it but Clara loved it. Anyhow I enjoyed my day 1 in London!

I've got so many things I want to write about but I got a flight in a few hours time so gotta go prepare. I'll write about my second and third day in London soon! Till then.


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