Saturday, 7 September 2013

Life in London

Hello! I know I'm kind of lagging behind with my travel posts but I've been so busy traveling that I'm usually too tired to do anything when I'm back in the hostel/apartment. But I'll try my best to post more! I am in Prague now with Huiling and Ernest, another beautiful city. Anyhow, it's time for the second part of my trip in London.

Day 2
We woke up early to go to the Borough Market for brunch since it was only opened from 10am - 3pm on Tuesday. We reached there at about 11am but surprisingly most of the shops were not open yet and it was pretty quiet. Walked a few rounds before we found a stall selling green curry rice which totally caught our attention (caused it's the closest Asian food we found that was reasonably priced and good) haha it's only been a few days this I left Singapore and I'm already missing home cooked food. I have no idea how I'm going to survive 6 weeks without Asian food :(

If y'all are heading to the Borough Market, one dish that I would recommend is the oysters! They were super fresh and huge! Huiling and I each ordered 3 medium oysters ($9) and they were seriously the best oysters I have ever tasted in my life! Even after eating 3 each we just had to order another 3 more oysters and the owner gave us a discount of $2 seeing how we came back for more. It was really that good. Even talking about it makes me want to go back to London just to get more of it.

After the oysters we went round hunting for the fish & chips Clara told me about that was really good but sadly we didn't find it so we ordered from another stall and it wasn't very good :( Oh well. I'll be back to find the correct one next time!

Next up, we went to visit more iconic places such as the London Bridge (which was literally just any other bridge, nothing fabulous), Tower Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral. The grass patch in front of the Cathedral was really pretty. I'm so jealous how they have so many places to chill, to just sit down and relax or people watch with a nice cup of coffee. We don't really have many of such places in Singapore. 

Tower Bridge

St Paul's Cathedral

Anyway the cathedral was beautiful but I wasn't allowed to take any photos inside. Coincidentally it was the day of Assumption so there was going to be a mass and hl and I decided to attend it. It is always refreshing to attend mass in the various countries. 

me and clara
Guess who I met again but this time coincidentally. hehe we're so fated ^^ Headed to Chinatown again for dinner but this time we ate the famous four seasons duck rice! I wasn't really expecting much but everyone tells me that this is a must go to restaurant in London and so we did. And boy the duck was good! The meat was tender and tasty and the skin was crispy. I really did love it! Now I understand what the fuss is all about. We also ordered my favourite red bean pancakes but I think the one at taste paradise is still better. Sadly we couldn't order any other dishes cause there were only two of us :( but I'll definitely go back there to satisfy my asian food cravings.

Day 3
Our itinerary for day 3 was pretty slack as we wanted to go to the Harry Potter World but Ernest wanted us to wait for him to go together so we headed to the British museum instead. To be honest I'm not really a fan of museums maybe cause I don't really understand the art pieces or maybe cause they all just look somewhat similar after awhile. But hl was super excited and happy. She even bought the audio guide.

my new friend found while I was on facetime with Eunice

Lunch with Clara

After the museum we headed for an early dinner to a well known Thai food restaurant called Siam Central. We ordered the usual pad thai with prawns and drunken noodles with prawns each costing $14. We also ordered a bowl of tom yam soup with mushrooms and chicken ($8.40). The meal was really satisfying and though I know it is a little expensive here but I can't help it especially when my tummy craves for asian food.

All in all I had fun in London and I will probably be visiting this city sometime in the future. Can't wait to explore more food places and more local shopping streets or car boot sales. Till then.


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