Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My 22nd Birthday!

Hi there! Another hectic month for me with never ending presentations, projects and recorded lectures to watch :O But school work isn't gonna get in the way as I celebrate my 22nd birthday! My birthday was exactly one week ago and I had so much fun spending time with the people I love <3

First up! I got up early to meet Jiao for breakfast at Carpenter & Cook but before that I found out that Abbey wanted to make breakfast for me as I usually sleep in till late (teehee I love you so much even if I didn't get to eat the birthday brekkie you wanted to make for me). Also, I found out that my two adorbz friends Clara and Eunice wanted to surprise me at my house when I woke but I had last minute plans for breakfast. Oops sorry. heheh I love y'all many many *kisskiss.

So I was looking for a breakfast place that was convenient for Jiao and I, so I thought of Carpenter & Cook immediately. I love their lemon drizzle loaf and passionfruit meringue tart as I'm a sucker for fruity flavored tarts and cakes! Oh and it's also Jiao's birthday! haha we have always kinda celebrated it together for the past 9 years with Trisha and Marcus? I haven't seen Marcus in awhile though. Hopefully we'll have a get together soon!

After a good catch up with Jiao over some really yummy food, I quickly headed over to Marina Bay Financial Centre to meet Clara and Eunice for lunch at Level 33. I've read many good reviews about their drafted beer as well as the view of MBS from their restaurant, so I was pretty excited to dine there.

We decided to go for the lunch menu they offered at $33++ per pax which consists of an appetizer buffet, a main course and desserts. The appetizer buffet had a variety of salads, cheese, ham, pasta, smoked salmon and prawns. I really love their prawns! It was fresh and tasty! For the mains, I went for the fish & chips while Clara had the beef and Eunice had the burger.

After our mains and several rounds of appetizers, it's time for desserts! They had freshly cut fruits and a few types of cakes. All in all, I thought the food was pretty average and I would recommend people to come here as a place to chill at night, looking over the panoramic view of mbs and esplanade.


After lunch, we decided to walk to gardens by the bay as both of them haven't been there before.

After chatting for a couple of hours it was time to part ways and head to town to meet my sister and cousins. Round 3 of delicious food for today was at The White Rabbit at Dempsey. I've always wanted to try the food there and the setting of the place is so beautiful :)

me and Sher
Food that we ordered for the night: for starters, we had the Ranger Valley wagyu carpaccio with shaved parmesan, celery cress, balsamic pearls and truffle cream. I wasn't sure if I really liked it? But my sister and cousins loved it. haha so I guess its an acquired taste? I really wanted to try their oysters but none of them like to eat oysters :/ ohwell. Some other time perhaps. As I was really full from lunch, I decided to order their tagliatelle pasta in an appetizer portion and I liked it! The portion wasn't very small either. It was just nice. Abbey and Mel ordered the sea bass and they didn't like it at all :( while Sher chose the ribeye which I think was the best out of the 3 mains that we have ordered.

Wagyu carpaccio 
Tagliatelle, alaskan king crab with pork broth and kombu
Char-grilled brandt ribeye with rocket salad
Sea bass en papillote with lava beans and chorizo
Sauteed field mushrooms

After our mains, we ordered the white chocolate soufflé with valrhona opalys chocolate chip ice cream which tasted heavenly! :O I love the chocolate chip ice cream! The most delectable ice cream ever!! I wanna go back for more yumzz. The dessert came together with the words "Happy 22nd Birthday Sam" hehehe so cute and they even sang me a birthday song ^^

I love spending time with them <3 We laughed so much and so hard, I could have abs at the end of the night. hahaha. But that's not the end of my birthday. Round 4 coming right up at 2am dessert bar at Holland Village. Gosh, I'm gonna be fat after eating so much.

It was a mixture of friends who didn't really know each other but we had fun eating dessert and drinking wine :)

Plum dessert with choya
Mac n chesse for Zhengxi who was hungry after soccer practice

It was a really random supper outing but I enjoyed myself. It was a crazy and fruitful day. I felt so blessed to have so many awesome people around me, celebrating my birthday for me this year. Simple yet wonderful :) Can't wait to create more beautiful memories with them! Anyway, I gotta study now. Will post about my birthday part 2 with ZAG and my birthday trip to Bangkok with Clara, Eunice and Gabriel soon. Till then everyone, have an awesome week ahead!

With love,

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