Thursday, 23 January 2014

Roaming in Rome

Hi guys! After 6 months of traveling, I'm finally back in Singapore. Yay! Surprisingly the weather here is pretty cool so I don't really have trouble adapting to the change in weather temperature but my body clock hasn't been tune correctly yet :( been waking up at 5:30am everyday. Anyhow, this is a continuation post on my trip to the beautiful Rome, Italy. 

We woke up early and went to visit the famous Colosseum. Gosh it was such a pretty sight :) I'm really in love with Rome.

Just a random bridge in Rome

Rome Next Top Models
Oh and not forgetting our daily scoops of gelato that we ate. What's an Italian trip without gelato? And that's probably how I gained 7kgs over this trip :( #fattysam #worthit. This time round we tried another two more shops, one was called Fior di Luna and the other was G.Fassi near Vittorio Emanuele station.  G.Fassi was probably the best gelato shop I ate throughout Italy and if anyone needs recommendation on which gelato shops to visit. I reckon this one will definitely blow your mind away. It was really so so so good. haha I can't emphasize enough how much.

Pistachio and hazelnut chocolate

At the end of the day, Rome is one of the best cities that I've visited in terms of sightseeing and food. The architecture and streets were captivating and I really wish I'll be able to go back there when I grow up. Two days in Rome is definitely not enough but I'm truly bless that I was there. So till our next meet, Rome.

Much love,

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