Saturday, 11 January 2014

Exam Week

Hi again! I really should be studying right now. I've got three more papers next week but heck, I'm so bored of studying all the equations. One more week till the end of my exchange :( It's been such a wonderful experience and sadly it's all coming to an end. I will miss Glasgow so terribly much.

Today, Huiling and I went shopping for the second last time on Buchanan Street and we bought so much stuff hahha. We probably spent 5hrs shopping in heels today and boy, were we exhausted. We could have kept on going but all the stores started closing. Oh well, round two next weekend! One thing great about the UK is that their sales are awesome. Almost everything is half priced now, how tempting is that! Super duper excited to wear my newly bought clothes and shoes when I'm back in Singapore and oh I bought an outfit for CNY too! Teehee!

Will share more pictures from my trips soon! Till then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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