Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Duck & Waffle

Hello errbardy! Haven't been posting much again cause I've been swamped with assignments and I've been traveling around different cities this December. Currently I'm in London for the new year and my schedule has been jam packed with activities, so this is gonna be a short and sweet post as well. Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! I hope you guys had a wonderful countdown wherever you are!

I have probably said this so many times but London is seriously one of my favourite cities that I've been to so far and one reason is the FOOD here! Everything, well almost every restaurant's food that I have tried looked and tasted so incredible. So I wanna share one restaurant that I really love with y'all. It's called Duck & Waffle.

This restaurant was recommended by Suet's friend and I'm so glad I got a chance to dine there. Being lazy, we just decided to take our chance to visit the restaurant for breakfast without making any reservation, which was a bad idea. When we reached the restaurant, to our dismay, we were told that they were full :( Luckily the lady told us that they had an opening for a table for two for lunch which was a half hour later, and we quickly jumped at that offer. Phew.

One thing interesting about this restaurant is that it opens 24/7, which is pretty cool. Besides that, the restaurant is located on the 40th floor which provides a view of the skyline of London. We could see the tower bridge and other iconic attractions in London.

Since we were a half hour earlier for lunch, we decided to hang around the restaurant and just enjoy a pot of earl grey and the breathtaking view.

Suet Mun :)

Happy we got a table beside the window ^^
Everything looked so tempting on the menu! It took us awhile to decide what starters and mains we wanted to try. In the end, we ended up choosing one fleshly baked bread, raw, two mains and a dessert.
Yellowfin tuna with watermelon, balsamic and basil

Caramelised onions with anchovy and caper 

Suet mama dividing the portions

Duck & waffle
The confit duck was impeccable! It was crispy and surprisingly the combination of waffle and mustard maple syrup was delicious! Plus the fried duck egg balances out the sweet and savory. I loved it!
Jerusalem artichoke and truffled ravioli with turnip tops, hazelnuts and pecorino

Us :)

hehe suet acting cute

After our mains, we were really full but the dessert menu looked so appetizing that we just had to order something. So we decided to try the torrejas, which turned out to be amazing. Though it would have been even better if the cinnamon ice cream did not melt so quickly.

Torrejas, maple caramel apples with cinnamon ice cream
Satisfied with our meal. 

All in all, we had a delectable meal and I would love to visit them again! The waiter attending to us was also funny and attentive. I'll give two thumbs up for this restaurant. If y'all are visiting London, be sure to give this restaurant a try! kk I gotta sleep now, gotta be up early tomorrow to catch the change of guards at Buckingham Palace. Till then, enjoy the brand new year!


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